How Do Waterborne Scientists Celebrate National Hobby Month?

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How Do Waterborne Scientists Celebrate National Hobby Month?

January 31, 2024 | all blog |

January is National Hobby Month and we thought it would be fun to ask our Waterborne scientists about their own hobbies. Below are a few of their answers:

Amy Ritter: Birdwatching, golf league, curling league, kayaking, hiking, travel, gardening

Paul Barboza: Pickleball, cars, and fishing.

Marty Williams: My hobbies are music, my dogs, and my grandchildren, not necessarily in that order.  All can be tied to something environmental. For example, Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi; pet owners that don’t pick up after their dogs, or teaching children to be environmentally conscience from the beginning.

Shawn: Hunting and competing in triathlons

Jeff: Kayaking, mountain biking, skiing

Dean: Playing golf, travel, working out at the gym, watching almost all sports (soccer, golf, football, basketball, baseball, among others)

Nick: Golf, deer hunting, and fishing.

Sarah: Tap dance, knitting, gardening, and swimming

Nathan Snyder: Summer: bocce and winter: English darts, plus skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding

Natalie: Knitting, skeeball league, kickball, softball, pickleball, races (5Ks, half marathon), trivia nights: music trivia, music bingo, and regular trivia

Martha: Sports: lacrosse, field hockey, and figure skating. Hobbies: furniture refinishing, needlepoint, and calligraphy

LeighAnn:  Interior design, repurposing furniture, watching my girls at swim meets and cheer competitions. I only walk and ride a bike for sports

Paul: My hobbies: bass guitar, a little bit of banjo. Back in more youthful days I enjoyed travel a lot, especially while living in Japan and so close to various interesting places I had never been. Whatever activities my kids find fun. Sports: Back in high school I wrestled and played football. I was one of the smallest players on the football team, so I was more of a tackling dummy than an active player. In college I did karate and had a lot of fun with ultimate frisbee. It's hard to find time to play nowadays, but it's always nice to throw the disc around. As an adult, I pretty much try to get exercise however I can with whatever time I end up with.

Pat: Hiking (within a few hundred miles of finishing AT).  I will hike as long as I can.  Future hikes include Colorado Trail, Grand Canyon rim to rim again, Wonderland Trail around Rainier. Birding – getting better but far from an advanced birder. Thank God for Merlin. Beekeeping – taking a break but will have hives again. Varroa mites are a killer (literally).

Chiara: Here are my hobbies/sports: running, hiking (especially in state/national parks), snorkeling, reading books, especially those novels that have historical settings, getting into playing instruments again.

Jenn Trask: My hobbies/sports include volleyball and basketball. Less team-oriented is hiking, too.

Maura: Cooking/baking, hiking, gardening, powerlifting (not competitively), drawing and ceramics.