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Upcoming Events

Waterborne's scientists are frequently asked to present at industry events. We're proud of their accomplishments and invite you to join them at the following:

SETAC Latin America 15th Biennial Meeting

September 17-20, 20231A.O-Mo-4

Protecting the Environment by Developing Aquatic Risk Assessment and Management Tools for Latin America.

By: Ximena Palina, Amy Ritter, Richard Franklin

Waterborne's Amy Ritter has a paper at SETAC Latin America's 15th Biennial Meeting on September 17th. "With collaboration from the local regulators and industry representatives in the Andean countries and funded by CropLife Latin America, Waterborne developed the Andean Aquatic Screening Tool and the Andean Pesticide Exposure Simulation Tool (ANDES). These two models improve the scientific basis for aquatic exposure assessments for pesticides in Colombia and Peru."

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