Instrumentation & Monitoring Design

Instrumentation & Monitoring Design

Kathy Alborado

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We design

The installation and monitoring of instruments such as meteorological and hydrological systems.

We live in a data-driven world; the weather forecast, directions to a nearby restaurant, and the answer to almost any question is seemingly only a few keystrokes away. But how do we know to trust this data or even where it comes from? This information should be confirmed through direct measurement: weather forecasts use monitoring data from weather stations, the directions rely on GPS measurement, etc. At Waterborne, we pride ourselves on our ability to design monitoring systems based on our knowledge of available instrumentation.


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Our Instrumentation & Monitoring Work

We offer expert assistance with the design, development, and installation of electronic meteorological and hydrological monitoring systems. These systems range from single-location stations to regional networks using radio frequency, cellular, and satellite communications technology. 

We have experience customizing equipment from well-known and trusted manufacturers to meet your measurement needs. These customizations have included building custom mounting hardware, customizing electronics for communication across manufacturers, and building custom modifications to add required features. Manufacturers we have worked with include:

  • Campbell Scientific
  • Teledyne ISCO
  • Vaisala
  • Onset
  • Hach
  • SKC
  • YSI
  • SonTek

Each system includes data collection and processing to meet the requirements of the Good Laboratory Practices program.