Nathan Snyder

Principal, Exposure Modeling and Risk Assessment

Nathan Snyder

Nathan has 30 years of experience in environmental quality investigations including chemical fate and transport modeling, geographical information systems (GIS) and information processing, and field study design and instrumentation. He has assisted in the design, instrumentation, execution, and interpretation of small-scale prospective ground-water studies (PGW) and test-plot and field-scale runoff studies as well as instrumentation design for watershed scale surface water monitoring.


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Nathan is experienced in the use of regulatory computer models to analyze the effect of pesticides in surface waters and their potential to leach into ground water. Many of these studies include software development to integrate numerous national and regional databases for environmental risk assessments. Nathan assists clients in developing strategies and responses to meet the regulatory requirements of USEPA, EU, EU Member State, US State, and many other country regulatory authorities. Nathan enjoys integrating the skills of the diverse team at Waterborne to integrate our scientific knowledge into drinking water, ecological, and endangered species risk assessments.

Nathan and his family reside in the heart of the nation’s first capital, Philadelphia. Beyond wandering the historic sites and eating at the great restaurants Philly has to offer, his family enjoys escaping to the mountains or beach for kayaking, mountain biking, and camping.