Our Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

We believe that balancing quality of life for a growing world population and the health of our environment can be best achieved through the practice of sound science. Waterborne Environmental was established in 1993 with the vision to provide superior environmental consulting services while maintaining high ideals in the protection of environmental quality.

  • As a company, we are committed to creating a reputation for providing the highest quality consulting services to our clients and to do this efficiently and economically. We will strive to be innovative and on the leading edge of technology.
  • As a group of professionals, we are committed to working together as a coordinated team and applying our diverse training to solve problems and address issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. We will work together in a manner that will foster cooperation and conviviality. We will draw on each other’s strengths, seek to teach and to learn and unselfishly assist one another in the pursuit of our vision.
  • As individuals, we will work diligently to achieve an accurate and precise product within negotiated deadlines. We will strive to communicate frequently with clientele, minimize costs to the client and company and be honest about our capabilities. We will respond as promptly and positively as possible to the requests of colleagues and clientele and, while at times we may need to adjust our schedules to honor commitments, we will maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Waterborne’s employees are its most valuable resource. We will treat each other fairly and honestly, be receptive to concerns and ideas and foster creativity, productivity and job satisfaction through a comfortable working environment. We will assist each other to reach personal and professional goals. Professional recognition and financial success will be shared by all, but success will only be achieved through the commitment and hard work of all.

We will remain flexible in business growth and diversification and evolve as opportunities arise to meet the experiences and interests of the team. However, first and foremost in all business decisions will be the preservation of a stable and secure company protecting the livelihood of all employees.

Waterborne was founded on the principles of honesty, team work and mutual respect. These overriding principles provide the constitution of our relationships with clients, colleagues, competitors and is the origin of the dedication, integrity and enthusiasm of the team of professionals that creates Waterborne Environmental!