Jennifer Trask

Principal & Manager, Field Studies

Jennifer Trask

Jennifer has worked in the areas of water resources and environmental consulting and research for nine years with project experience in the areas of hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, pesticide and microbial transport, watershed and biological modeling, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), database systems and management, conservation practices, and instrumentation. She has provided services to local, state, and federal agencies throughout the United States in the areas of water resources and watershed management as well as served clients in the private sector. 


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In the past eight years, Jennifer’s project experience has focused on the investigations of non-point source issues in various watershed environments, drinking water, and in support of pesticide reregistration under the USEPA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

Jennifer has experience in all phases of a field study program from study design and setup to activities such as site selection, field data collection, GIS information processing, and analysis of regional land use data to database analysis and management and final report preparation for submittal to state and federal regulatory agencies. She has implemented both field and laboratory surface water studies including drinking water studies. She has gained professional experience in exposure modeling and assisted in the development of a model to simulate pesticide fate and transport within a vegetated drainage ditch. In addition, Jennifer has managed projects and tasks for industry wide work groups including overseeing stewardship and work group websites, research on current non-point source issues, data collection and analysis and acting as an executive administrator for project planning. Her past experience also includes review of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for various engineering projects within flood zone areas.