Waterborne Announces Ann Sorensen, PhD., American Farmland Trust as New Board of Directors Advisor

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Waterborne Announces Ann Sorensen, PhD., American Farmland Trust as new Board of Directors Advisor

March 26, 2024 | all blog |

Waterborne Environmental, Inc. is pleased to announce that Ann Sorensen, PhD., American Farmland Trust, has joined its team as a Board of Directors Advisor. Sorensen, a Senior Research Advisor with American Farmland Trust, brings a wealth of experience applicable to Waterborne’s agriculture-based business line.   

“I’m deeply honored to act as an advisor for Waterborne Environmental and its stellar board,” said Sorensen. “Our future and the health of our environment depends on society’s ability to balance the needs of an expanding population with the need to protect our natural resources. That starts with having access to unbiased scientific data that measures the environmental impacts of what we do. That’s what Waterborne Environmental does so well – and why I wanted to be involved.”

Sorensen’s career has focused heavily on the agriculture industry and sound farming practices. She joined the American Farmland Trust in 1992 where her research played a key role in developing four farm bills, in analyzing the fiscal impacts of sprawl, and in fostering private markets for the environmental benefits produced by farmland. She has since directed many USDA and EPA grants and contracts while securing the participation of more than 700 researchers and practitioners in AFT workshops, conferences, and advisory committees. Over her career, she has published more than 80 refereed journal articles and has served on over 40 professional committees and boards, including the USDA Agricultural Biotechnology Research Advisory Committee and EPA’s Farm, Ranch, and Rural Communities Federal Advisory Committee. In 2022, the Soil and Water Conservation Society Board of Directors named Sorensen as the 2022 recipient of the Hugh Hammond Bennett Award.

Adds Sorensen, “Waterborne Environmental provides the highest quality environmental consulting services at a time when we need to make sure what we are doing is the best for the environment. They use cutting edge technologies and sound science to give us the unbiased answers we need. I’m deeply honored to be associated with them and help in any way I can, so they continue to grow.”