Waterborne’s Clients Reminisce About the Early Days

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Waterborne's Clients Reminisce About the Early Days

May 22, 2023 | 30th anniversary |

Raymond Layton, Ecotoxicologist was one of Waterborne's first clients while at DuPont. Waterborne continued to work with DuPont until the company spun off its agriculture chemical products line to new companies, Corteva and FMC. Ray remembers his first Waterborne encounter, here:

"In the later 1990’s we were suddenly required to do a series of aquatic monitoring studies for a rice fungicide. At that point the EPA and USDA had some runoff models (PRZM, GLEAMS) and an aquatic model (EXAMS) but none of these were appropriate for modeling rice paddies or any downstream movement.

Marty and Pat came to the rescue in helping design a series of nine aquatic monitoring studies, gathering usage and cropping data across the watersheds where rice was grown, creating GIS maps of the watersheds, and then creating, calibrating, and validating the RICEWQ and RIVWQ models to help support our discussions with the USEPA.

And this started a long and fruitful relationship that expanded out to other products, crops, ground and surface water, and multiple geographic locations around the world."  


Julie Eble began working with Waterborne while at DuPont and continued the relationship as she progressed through her career. She eventually founded her own firm and co-sponsored industry events with Waterborne. Julie remembers her first Waterborne encounter, here:

"I first met Marty on a field study project while I was working for DuPont as a scientist in their new Ecotox Group. Science doesn't always work the way we want it to; things go awry and we have to remain alert and on top of things to make the science work and to ensure we end up with accurate data. Marty really impressed me on this project. I had just come back from Africa and it was about the time The Lion King was out and popular. Marty embodied the 'hakuna matata' approach to our work. Whenever a problem occurred, he'd say, 'hakuna matata' and solved it. It became our project's theme.

That first encounter really sold me on Waterborne scientists. I knew I could trust them. I could trust that they would do everything they agreed to do. They have always been very honest and straightforward and maintained a good humor. We bonded within the client relationship, and I continued working with them when I opened my own business. We collaborated and even co-sponsored events.

I always say about Waterborne, they, 'do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.'"